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About Me

Since 2004 full-time interpreter and translator Korean - English / Dutch

A good interpreter or translator doesn't think that his or her knowledge about language only matters. Especially when you talk about Korean language, the knowledge about  cultural differences plays an important role. People from different cultures speak not only differently, but they also think differently. A good translator or interpreter belongs to know how he or she has to deal with it, to prevent any misunderstanding.

How can you be sure that I am the right interpreter or translator Korean language with required communication skills? I don't think it's easy question to answer. So let me introduce myself briefly. Being born in 1970 in Seoul en spent there almost 30 years I moved to the Netherlands. When I was in South Korea I studied English Language and Literature and got the bachelor's degree. And I worked as an international PR staff at the Korean Securities Depository, central bank for shares and bonds. By the time when I worked at the KSD I got the privilege to take Spoken English course at Seo Gang University in Seoul. It was a part of my job training because I used to be a guide for de KSD for foreign visitors.  In the Netherlands I studies Dutch Language and Culture at University Leiden en got the Master's degree in 2004. Since then I am working as full-time interpreter and translator Korean - English / Dutch. 

Translator of Dutch literary works into Korean

From 2004 I start translating Dutch books into Korean language. Different Korean publishers are working closely with me. Some books are already published in South Korea and some will follow soon. 

Language and culture are inextricably  interwoven and both are ever-changing.  To catch up with this change I translate books with big pleasure. When you are translating books you spend more time to think about big and small differences between different languages and cultures that you easily overlook in your daily life. By translating books into Korean language I can achieve deeper insight into different aspects of culture and language and stay always alert with ongoing developments.

Translators and interpreters should not only have a general knowledge about language and culture but also  have specific knowledge about a particular field where their client is come from. The latter can not be ignored because it is an essential requirement for the optimal functioning of a translator. For years I could gain a broad knowledge of diverse sectors and industry fields. I aim to cooperate with my clients closely to make a good result.

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